39 weeks pregnant but other car fails to stop at an intersection. What happens next?

Holy guacamole!

At Dingo Trails, we take safety seriously. All DT seat covers are fitted with Burst Seams 2.0 designed to keep customers safe. Here’s what happened.

View from passenger side

Safety above all else

As a young mum with toddler in tow, Laura G. from Grafton NSW is careful about purchases especially when it comes to the safely of her family. After doing extensive research, she settled on a set of Dingo Trails neoprene car seat covers for the family runabout, a Toyota Fortuner.

“We love our Dingo Trails seat covers, after looking at numerous other custom car seat covers we chose to go with Dingo Trails as we loved the look and the fact they offered centre console covers as well. They were super easy to install and the quality amazing.”

39 weeks pregnant

18 months later, Laura falls pregnant again and is now 39 weeks in with bubs #2. During her daily run, a car fails to stop at an intersection slamming into her car.

“I was unfortunately in a car accident at 39 weeks pregnant. Another car failed to give way at a crossroads and struck our car between the drivers door and passenger door.” She goes on to say …

“The Dingo Trails seat covers performance was amazing on deployment of the side airbags, there was no trouble and the covers burst down seam (sic) beautifully to allow the airbags out

I was comfortable, safe and couldn’t fault the performance. We highly recommend Dingo Trails”

We are relieved to learn that Laura and baby walked away from the accident relatively unhurt. We are doubly relieved that her toddler wasn’t also in the car, as the kid normally would have been. Thank heavens!

We appreciate Laura sharing her story with us and hope all customers take heed to be careful on the roads, the importance of child seats and that accidents can happen anytime. Be safe and happy trails everybody.


Love from the DT Team

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