5 Benefits of neoprene car seat covers

Here at Dingo Trails, we are committed to designing and producing only the very best seat covers for your vehicle such as exclusively using top quality materials. You might have heard that neoprene car seat covers are among the best quality seat covers that you can get but did you know that not all neoprene seat covers are created equal?When buying neoprene seat covers, always ask the seller what neoprene rubber was used to make the covers. Unlike the cheap neoprene rubber that some manufacturers use (but don’t tell you), premium automotive-grade neoprene (which is what we use here at Dingo Trails) has been specifically designed for car seat covers and comes with a whole host of benefits; benefits that you should be asking for!Here, in no particular order, are the top 5 benefits of high quality neoprene seat covers:

  1. Luxurious look and feel

A beautifully designed, high quality neoprene seat cover (especially one that has been custom tailored to your specific vehicle model) will blend seamlessly with the interior of your vehicle. Not only will it look great but it will also feel great under your derriere … giving it the TLC it deserves!

  1. Durable

Top quality neoprene seat covers are extremely durable, which is exactly what you want your seat covers to be. Think about all the wear and tear your car seats suffer from friends, family and children, not to mention the abuse that the family pet might make!

  1. Waterproof and UV-stabilised

One of the most important advantages of neoprene seat covers is that they are waterproof. They protect your car seats from coffee spills, grease, mud, slobbering pets, “accidents” and more!At the same time, only top quality neoprene seat covers that are UV-stabilised and colour fast; such as our Dingo Trails car seat covers will protect your seat covers from sun damage and won’t fade easily either. This makes for a smart investment as the seat covers will last and look great for a longer time.

  1. Easy to clean

Neoprene seat covers might do all the hard work of protecting your car seats, but cleaning them is a breeze. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild household detergent when needed. In extreme cases, throw them into the washing machine for a good wash (they’re quick dry too). It’s that simple!

  1. Comfort for all seasons

Australia’s punishing sun can make your car’s vinyl and leather seats feel like a BBQ grill in the summer. Neoprene seat covers will add an extra layer of comfort to your ride by regulating the temperature of your car seats – not just in the summer, but also in the winter when it stops the cold from seeping up from the car seat. 

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278 thoughts on “5 Benefits of neoprene car seat covers

  1. Sam Wilkins says:

    I love that you talked about how neoprene car seat covers are waterproof. I have three kids under the age of seven and they’re constantly spilling something in our car. I’ll have to look into getting neoprene seat covers and having mercy on my poor car seats.

  2. Travis layman says:

    The bottom line is that such types of car seat cover provide protection to the car seat and extend it’s lifespan to a greater extent. Different types of contaminants like dust particles, pollen and also the hazardous effects of the solar radiation could damage the car seat. In the absence of such protective cover, the car seat could have affected by different hazardous contaminants and could not last for a considerable longer periods. So, car seat need to be provided with such protective coverage for ensuring extended life span of the car seat. However, we should select best quality car seat.

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