Imagine a world where no new cars carry a Holden badge

That day is now.
We feel profoundly sad … but also ANGRY!

As Aussies with families who depend on the auto industry, we are acutely aware that we cannot survive alone. When factories close: Mitsubishi, Ford, Holden, Toyota – one after the other, thousands of jobs are lost. More importantly, skills are lost forever.

Holden has just announced that it is shutting its doors for the last time leaving behind another 600 jobs lost and 204 dealerships high and dry. This is not a statistic. Real people with families who depend on a wage have lost their income. Where’s the end? Whose fault is it? What went wrong?

So how did we get from there to here?

Should the government have done more to support the industry? Are auto workers unreasonable; demanding too much from car companies making wages uncompetitive in a global economy? Or do you believe car companies are just plain greedy? Maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re the ones who are lost, lost our ‘can do’ Aussie battler spirit – our unique spirit of innovation against all odds.

Something needs to be done. What do you think is the problem and how do we fix it? Share this post as it affects all Australians. Comment below.

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