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Car seat covers for Volkswagen Amarok 2H – Standard Cloth / Leather Seats

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    Only the Best Car Seat Covers for your Volkswagen Amarok

    About Us

    Dingo Trails crafts seat covers from premium automotive-grade neoprene that we’re proud to say are Australian-made. All covers must get past the critical eye of our fussy designers. [Learn more]

    Find your perfect car seat covers for your VW Amarok

    Only the Best Car Seat Covers for Your Volkswagen Amarok

    One thing’s for sure – not all cars and car seat covers are created equal.

    When you drive a Volkswagen Amarok, it’s understandable that you want durable car seat covers to match. Whether you’re a tradie that expects the most out of your car and accessories during the daily grind or someone who enjoys four wheel driving (4WD) on the weekends, you can rest easy knowing that when you put your Dingo Trails VW Amarok car seat covers to the test, they’ll pass with flying colours.

    We work hard to design Amarok seat covers using the highest quality materials available – that way you get the best possible product. Each and every one of our VW Amarok car seat covers are manufactured using premium automotive-grade neoprene, to ensure a superior custom fit and a durable, long-wearing product.

    Why choose our Amarok seat covers?

    • Durable and waterproof, and protects against grease, mud, slobbering pets, coffee spills and anything else you can throw at it.
    • Easy to install.
    • UV stabilised and colour-fast.
    • Battle tested for over 10 years in Australia - designed to withstand high temperatures and strong UVs in the harsh Aussie climate.
    • No slip design meaning your car seat covers stay in one place.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Our hassle-free money-back guarantee – with no questions asked!

    Choose from front and rear set Amarok seat covers, console lid cover or one of each in our sets – the choice is yours!

    For quality car seat covers that you can depend on, look no further than Dingo Trails. Our range of custom fit, premium neoprene car seat covers for Volkswagen vehicles include car seat covers for the

    If you have any queries, just reach for the phone and call us on 0431-631-224 or tap out a message on our Contact Us form.

    Find your perfect car seat covers and enjoy free-shipping to your door

    At Dingo Trails, we don’t just offer top-quality Volkswagen Amarok car seat covers. We make our product to fit just about any car on the road.  Choose from designs made for:

    Simply browse our range, find the perfect neoprene car seats that suit your car, and enjoy free-shipping to your door, Australia-wide. If you have any questions about any of our products, just get in touch – we’re only a phone call away.

    Ph: 0431 631 224.