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Which Front Seat Layout do you have?

VW Transporters front seats come in two layouts.

  • 2x Bucket Seats (choose VTP04HB or VTP04FB) that fits two persons in front; or
  • 1x Bucket + 1x Bench Seats (choose VTP04HBB or VTP04FBB) that fits three persons in front.

Please choose your front seat covers accordingly.

Volkswagen Transporter Front Seat Layout
Do you prefer STANDARD or FULL-BACK front covers? (click to read guide)

Standard Front Seat Covers


Full protection on the front whilst preserving access to original map pockets located behind the backrest. The most typical style of cover sold in the market.

Full-back Front Seat Covers with Map Pockets

FULL-BACK + Map Pocket (FB)

Extra protection of whole seat including behind the backrest. Adds map pocket behind each seat. Stops cargo from marking/damaging the back as well as kids in the rear seat kicking and leaving shoe prints/mud all over backrest felt.

Transporter T5 (Apr 04 - Nov 15)

STANDARD Front Seat Covers (VTP04HB)

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Transporter T5 (Apr 04 - Nov 15)

FULL-BACK Front Seat Covers + Map Pockets (VTP04FB)

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Transporter T5 (Apr 04 - Nov 15)



Transporter T5 (Apr 04 - Nov 15)



Transporter T5 (Apr 04 - Nov 15)

REAR Seat Cover (VTP04R)

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Top quality neoprene car seat covers for your Volkswagen Transporter T5

About Us

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Not all car seat covers are created equal. At Dingo Trails™, we work hard to provide you with top quality car seat covers for your Volkswagen Transporter T5. Our car seat covers are manufactured with premium automotive-grade neoprene for a superior custom fit and excellent craftsmanship. And best of all, we’re proudly Australian made!

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