VW Volkswagen Transporter T6 (December 2015-Now) – Australian Made

FULL-BACK Premium Waterproof Neoprene Front Seat Covers

EACH with Map Pocket

Suits all models

Not all covers are made alike. We are the only seller of GENUINE Dingo Trails seat covers on eBay. Others may look similar but it is only when you purchase genuine Dingo Trails seat covers will you appreciate the superior fit & craftsmanship, attention to detail and durability of automotive-grade neoprene.

Commercial and fleet enquiries welcome. Our corporate department is ready to assist you.

For Volkswagen Transporter T5 launched April 2004-November 2015, see other listing.


We are committed to making the best seat cover tailor-made for your vehicle. You are purchasing a seat cover designed and manufactured by motor trimmers who are passionate about design and absolutely love what we do. Obsessed with quality and with over 30 years in the automotive industry, we make our own patterns and manufacture all seat covers in our factory right here in Melbourne Australia.

  • Automotive-grade neoprene that is luxurious yet Durable and Waterproof – protects against grease, mud, slobbering pets, coffee spills and “accidents”.
  • Battle tested for over 10 years under the Australian climate.
  • Easy to install with just one insert. 1-2-3 instructions
  • Prestige car designed seat cover highlighted with twin-needle silver coloured stitching on a charcoal black Designed to look factory-fitted. See photos!
  • UV stabilised and colour-fast so won’t fade easily.
  • Ribbed rubber backing so the cover stays put.
  • No-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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This listing is for 2x Standard Front Seat Covers suitable for “Bucket Seats” (see photos) in the following vehicles.

This listing is for 2x Full-back Front Seat Covers with Map Pocket suitable for “Bucket Seats” (see photos) in the following vehicles.

This listing is for 1x Full-back Rear Seat Cover with Armrest Access suitable for “Rear Seat” (see photos) in the following vehicles.


All seat covers include headrest covers where applicable. To see other listings for this vehicle, click Car Seat Covers then the Make/Model category for Standard Front Seat Covers and Full-back Front Seat Covers with Map Pockets. For a full description of seat cover types, see below. We have hundreds of seat cover patterns so if you would like to order a cover that’s not listed here, message us and we can manufacture for you. We also welcome commercial enquiries.

Seats suffer abuse from dirty clothes, stinky sweat, spilt coke, slobbering pets to fading leather and cracked vinyl from the punishing sun. When it’s time to trade-in or change your car, just remove DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers. They are waterproof, durable and easy to install. Your original car seats will look brilliant; as good as when you first sat in them at the showroom. As a bonus, you won’t need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing stains or vacuuming either.

We are motor trimmer-designers (with families who love skiing, mountain biking & the outdoors) and absolutely love what we do. Made 100% right here in Melbourne Australia, we take pride in our products and use only premium quality materials and craftsmanship. Why should you buy from us? We are so confident of our product that if you are not satisfied, we offer a full, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee*. Find out more about us and why we started this business below.

DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers designed to keep up with you

Protects your car seat from spills, sun damage and dirt (Keep that showroom feeling!)

If you identify with Bear Grylls who loves 4×4 adventures, tradie at a job site, young and single hanging out at the beach or mom taking the kids to the local pool, this seat cover is for you! Designed to keep up with your lifestyle, it protects your seat from water damage, dirt, mud and sun damage. We only use OEM-spec’ed neoprene that is durable yet soft, UV-stabilised and will stretch to hug your seat perfectly.

Fits like a glove

We do this for a living! All seat covers are designed in-house and custom-made for each individual make/model. Our R+D department are experts at what they do and design seat covers (among other things) for the industry. We take extra care with corners and curves while incorporating clever design elements into our seat covers. When you purchase a DINGO TRAILSTM seat cover, you will appreciate the subtle design touches that just makes the seat cover feel and look great!

Easy to fit

Designed to pull over seats, our covers come with just a single insert to be tucked in between the cushions. It stays securely in place without unsightly straps, strings or ties. Simple 1-2-3 fitting instructions included.

“I just wanted to let you know, I was really concerned that the seat would not stay in place with no straps or fasteners.
I was very happy that there is no movement. Very, very happy!!
dr n taylor, queensland

Spot clean and quick-dry for hassle-free cleaning

DINGO TRAILSTM automotive neoprene is designed to be quick-dry with durable nylon fabric that is easily spot-cleaned. Just use a damp cloth and mild household detergent as required. If you need to machine-wash, the seat covers are super-easy to remove and re-fit.


What all this means is that we won’t sell you a seat cover if it does not meet our stringent standards!


Why buy DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers

Preserve trade-in or resale value

Two identical cars at the saleyard: one with a clean interior and the other with gouges, grease smears and mud stains. Which would you purchase? Which would you pay a higher value for?

Chaffing from daily use, cats using seats as a scratching post as well as harsh sunlight will leave your seats threadbare, tattered and torn. Protect your investment now with DINGO TRAILSTM neoprene covers that are waterproof, durable and easy to install. We reckon you’ll probably MAKE MORE MONEY from the sale of your car than the cost of our DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers. Especially profitable for fleet and leasing companies.

Cover damaged seats (Roadworthy Test)

If you did not purchase a DINGO TRAILSTM cover when you first got your car, it may already be too late to save your seats. Replacing or re-upholstering will be a costly affair. Why not cover them with DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers? Depending on the damage, it may allow your vehicle to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate. Not only does it make your interior look great but also give it a premium sports look (as we’re told many times by our customers).

Keeps your bum cool in Summer (or warm in Winter)

Australia’s punishing sun can make vinyl and leather seats feel like you are sitting on a BBQ grill. Avoid cooking your thighs with DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers that are perfect for regulating temperature. Works well in winter too when it stops the cold seeping up from the seat. Brrrr!

DINGO TRAILSTM neoprene gives the best-fit, comfort and value for money

DINGO TRAILSTM neoprene covers offer the best protection while looking like it was factory-fitted. In comparison, other seat covers just don’t stand up to the test of time. Canvas covers attract stains, mud and dirt. Just ask any tradie who’s had one for over a year. As for fabric covers, they often are not waterproof and do not protect against spills, wet fur and dripping swimsuits from soaking into the seat. Despite being harder to install and secured with unsightly strings and straps, they commonly have loose fabric and bulges where they shouldn’t. That’s not to say that all other seat covers are rubbish but rather, we believe DINGO TRAILSTM covers look and last the best.

Neoprene ain’t neoprene

We won’t compromise quality. There are a lot of neoprene covers that claim to do what DINGO TRAILSTM covers do. However, they are not UV-treated, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spec’ed, have poor stretch (which will lather/tear) and fade under the Australian sun. We even heard some competitors are using covers treated with formaldehyde, a known carcinogen with a strong smell! Compare that to our automotive neoprene that is soft, luxurious and battle tested for over 8 years in the Australian market. As far as we know, no other neoprene can make this claim. And oh, our neoprene is formaldehyde-free.

Personalise your interior

Your car is more than just a car. It is an extension of your personality reflecting individuality. Make a statement with the right set of seat covers. Avoid cheap imports and those not made from neoprene. Like an Armani suit, DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers are tailor-made to shape around the unique curves of your seat. They are highlighted by twin-needle silver coloured stitching on a charcoal black fabric and made from OEM soft plush neoprene rubber that will feel like you are being caressed by a loved one every time you sit in your car.

Who should buy our seat covers

Tradies who put their car interior through use and abuse

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Gardeners
  • Builders

Companies that operate a fleet of vehicles (save on repairs and increase resale value)

  • Leasing companies
  • Taxis & buses
  • Mining companies
  • Council-owned vehicles
  • Utility companies

Outdoor enthusiasts

  • Camping
  • Caravanning
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • 4×4 off-roading

People who lead active lifestyle

  • Water sports (sailing, jet ski, surfing)
  • Skiing
  • Beach
  • Dirt bikes
  • Mountain biking

Families with …

  • Kids – avoid ice-cream dribbles, birthday cake smears, ground-in chips, cookie crumbs and soiled footy jerseys.
  • Pets – protect against “accidents”, saliva stains from slobbering pets, hair that clings to everything, wet fur and claws that gouge, rip and tear into upholstery.

Residents who live …

  • In the outback where the sun is harsh and seats get HOT
  • Near the ocean or tropics where its drizzly or wet

Car-proud owners

  • Did we mention our seat covers look great?

Choose the right seat cover for you


Money-back Guarantee

We are confident that you will love our DINGO TRAILSTM seat covers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we provide a full money-back guarantee 30 days from the date of purchase. Just pay for return shipping.


We want our product in your hands as fast as possible. Typically, we take 3-5 days to ship the seat cover to you. If we do not have it in stock, allow up to 10 working days for us to make the seat cover for you. Although we gear our manufacturing for fast turnarounds, we will not cut corners for the sake of expediency and will inform you of any delays on those rare occasions.

Why choose us to make your seat cover

We are professional designers and manufacturers of neoprene products comprising of a bunch of guys (and gal) who are passionate about what we do. We started this business because we saw manufacturers take our beautiful designs and turn them into inferior products. Their covers don’t fit well from poor manufacturing control and tear easily because of cheap neoprene. Frankly, we are a little embarrassed by what’s out there.

As designers, we hate to see our “babies” turned into something crappy and wanted our designs to be more than what they currently are: great products that we are proud to say are designed and made in Australia.

Our intention is for our brand to be recognised for quality and be the best in its class. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the automotive industry, we absolutely love what we do and want to offer a superior product that is not currently offered by anyone else. How do we do it?

Committed to making the best product

Every seat cover is meticulously designed for a precise fit and we go through multiple prototypes until we are satisfied and PROUD to put our name on it. We check seat belt mounts, lever controls, buttons, headrest posts and fittings that often overlooked by others. Made right here in Melbourne, we also control every aspect of our manufacturing from raw materials to finished product. We take into consideration quality control of materials, durability testing and stitch sewing. If it does not meet our stringent standards, we won’t put it up for sale.

In the coming months, we will be releasing more vehicle models and unique features that will make our car seat covers even better. Watch this space!

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