We are the DT Team!

who we are

Taking pride in what we do

We are professional designers and manufacturers of neoprene products comprising of a bunch of guys (and gals) who are passionate about what we do. As motor trimmer-designers (with families who love skiing, biking & the outdoors), we absolutely love what we do. Made 100% right here in Melbourne Australia, we take pride in our products and use only premium quality materials and craftsmanship.

seat covers that we want to use ourselves


covers that fit properly


We saw manufacturers take our beautiful designs and turn them into inferior products. Their covers don’t fit well from poor manufacturing control and tear easily because of cheap neoprene. Frankly, we are a little embarrassed by what’s out there. So we started this business to make seat covers we want to use ourselves.

As designers, we hate to see our “babies” turned into something inferior and want our designs to be more than what they are …


However, manufacturing in Australia is challenging with high production costs and a shortage of skilled labour (the automotive industry has been decimated in recent years). As an Australian business, we understand that we are part of a global economy and must be competitive. It is essential to provide something unique. A point of differentiation. The X factor.


the vision


With a combined experience of over 30 years in the automotive industry, we absolutely love what we do and want to offer a superior product that is not currently offered by anyone else. We are building a premium brand for amazing designs, recognised for quality and acknowledged to be the best in the industry.

How do we do it? Read on.

the mission

Attention to quality.
Focus on customer service.


We are absolutely committed to making the best neoprene car seat covers for you. Not just style, but in quality, functionality as well as customer service. Never satisfied, we improve designs and tweak existing patterns. We are constantly dreaming up innovations and unique features that could be part of our seat covers.

2D seat cover pattern

adopt automation and technology


Pivotal to this strategy is investing in advanced technology including CAD design software and the latest CNC router machinery. Dingo Trails seat covers are designed digitally and manufactured with the tightest tolerance for a precise fit.

3D Design

quality control


Made here in Melbourne we control every aspect of manufacturing. We start by inspecting neoprene rubber for colour, thickness, hand-feel and stains/creases. Before receipting into our warehouse, each seat cover is referenced against sewing maps and inspected for the minutiae of manufacturing defects including skipped stitches, stitch counts, missed components and stains/dirt.

If it doesn’t meet our stringent standards,
we won’t put it up for sale

customer service

Delight every customer

Customers are at the centre of our business. We examine the entire purchasing experience from placing the order,  receiving the package to using the covers. With a laser focus on delighting customers, we review each step to eliminate delays, provide clarity and avoid disappointment. Your online feedback is the lifeblood of our business and we rely on word-of-mouth to grow our Aussie business. View testimonials below.

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Relentless improvement

We know we’re not perfect. Our customer care managers brain storm with the design, production and warehouse teams to incorporate lessons learnt. Following the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’, we continuously improve designs, tweak existing patterns and optimise manufacturing and fulfillment processes in a virtuous circle. That’s the ‘team’ in DT Team.

Ben captures the spirit of the DT Team. Our commitment to making the best car seat covers does not end with delivering a premium product. We support it with A1 customer care. Whether you have a big or small enquiry, we stand ready to assist. Flip slider to hear what customers say about our service.

We have over 4000+ positive reviews. For more, explore testimonials by topic - each reveals a different aspect of our car seat covers and service.

Each seat cover is inspected and signed off before it enters our warehouse.
Each order is double-checked before shipping.
Every seat cover has been lovingly handcrafted with our name on it.