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More to Car Seat Covers Than Meets The Eye


Creating the best neoprene for premium car seat covers

We believe that quality seat covers is more than skin deep. Beyond fit and premium design, they must also be tough enough for whatever life (or you) throws at it. From hot summers to freezing winters, our Automotive Grade Neoprene are technical fabrics formulated to be withstand the harsh Australian climate. Sold in Australia for over 15 years, our neoprene has been proven to last with thousands of satisfied customers.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber manufactured from petroleum whose chemical name is Chloroprene (CR). However, the term is commonly used to encompass all rubber that contains CR mixed with other compounds.

Depending on its use, it can be made to withstand UV, shock, compression & chlorine (for water use). We have tailored Automotive Grade Neoprene for specific technical qualities to suit Australian conditions.

Engineered To Last

Quality Is More Than Skin Deep

At 2.5mm thick, our Automotive Grade Neoprene has been designed to be in the ‘Golidlocks’ zone that strikes the right balance between comfort and protection. It’s not too thick to mould around the seat and not too thin that it fails to protect your seat from damage. With over 30 years experience working with neoprene, we are material experts so you can rest assured that our car seat covers are quality from the outside and within.

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Dingo Trail’s Charcoal Black has been specially dyed to match most car interiors. We spent considerable effort on lab dips to strike the perfect balance of hue, tint and shade so that it’ll look perfect in your car. Not too stark against grey/light interiors yet dark enough to blend with black.

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Automotive Grade Neoprene holds on to its colour for longer. We use dyes that are premium, long-life and formulated to resist fading under the sun and after wash.  [2]

Automotive Grade Neoprene - Colour Fast


Experience the difference

You might not see the difference. But you will notice and feel the Automotive Grade difference. Rated highly by over 4000+ customers from eBay, Google and our website. Flip slider to hear what customers say.

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neoprene car seat covers - Automotive Grade Neoprene - Testimonial
neoprene car seat covers - Automotive Grade Neoprene - Testimonial
neoprene car seat covers - Automotive Grade Neoprene - Testimonial
neoprene car seat covers - Automotive Grade Neoprene - Testimonial
neoprene car seat covers - Automotive Grade Neoprene - Testimonial


[1] UV Stable – Customers may experience 5-8% colour fade after 2 years of typical use when vehicle stored outdoors.
[1] Seat Heaters – will work with neoprene seat covers fitted. It just takes a wee longer for buns to heat up.
[2] Machine Wash – Although machine washable, regular washing is not recommended as Automotive Grade Neoprene is designed to be easily spot cleaned or hosed off. Care instructions included with every purchase.

Now that you know what’s on the inside, start exploring our range of neoprene car seat covers. Every cover has been individually styled, designed for a perfect fit and meticulously hand crafted in Australia.

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