Meticulously crafted every step of the way

When your purchase from Dingo Trails, you are not just getting a seat cover. You are receiving hours spent on creating premium designs, investments on the latest tech and intellectual property from research and prototypes. All to give you the best car seat cover you can buy.


precise fit


Every seat cover is meticulously designed for a precise fit and we go through multiple prototypes until we are satisfied and PROUD to put our name on it. We check seat belt mounts, lever controls, buttons, headrest posts and fittings that are often overlooked by others. We take into consideration quality of materials, neoprene thickness, durability testing and stitch sewing.




Simple, clean lines and elegant. Our team of designers and motor trimmers create neoprene car seat covers with a premium feel. They balance functionality and durability with style.

research + development


Dingo Trail’s Charcoal Black has been specially dyed to match most car interiors. We spent considerable effort on lab dips to strike the perfect balance of hue, tint and shade so that it’ll look perfect in your car. Not too stark against grey/light interiors yet dark enough to blend with black.

neoprene car seat covers - lab dip sampling
neoprene car seat covers - handcrafted sewing



Decorated with twin needle, the contrast stitch highlights our unique seat cover design in addition to accentuating the curve lines of the seat.



Designing car seat covers for a precise fit is challenging. Our Designers go further by fitting them with no unsightly straps or ties. This is no easy task especially when there are limited fastening options. Our goal? To make neoprene car seat covers that not only look good, but are also easy-peasy to install. [1]

Other seat covers with straps and ties

typical seat covers

use velcro, straps and ties



Utilising the latest technology to measure, digitise and cut patterns for the highest degree of accuracy.

car seat covers - 3D mesh



We begin by scanning the seat as a point cloud. We then clean, simplify the converted mesh and eventually, end up with a wire frame that’s ready to be converted to 2D.


3D TO 2D

The 3D wire frame is divided into pieces along edges and seam lines. Next, they are flattened and converted to 2D from which, we can start making car seat patterns.

car seat covers - 3D render

creative / design


This is where the magic happens. Our designers sprinkle their creative dust by adding highlights, definition and seam lines that not only accentuates, but elevates the original seat design. Every edge and angle is measured down to the millimeter for each pattern to align perfectly.



The 2D patterns are carefully arranged to fit on a sheet of neoprene while minimising wastage. They are then cut by our in-house digital cutter to within tight tolerances.

In-house digital router cuts neoprene within tight tolerances

premium car seat covers

We fuse design + tech

Our car seat covers not only look swish but engineered to provide maximum versatility and protection. Full articulation of split fold, separate headrest covers, precise cutouts and more.


We want our designs to be more than design

Combined with 3D CAD and our development in Automotive Grade Neoprene, our seat covers are practical, easy to fit, weather resistant and engineered to last.



Don’t just take our word for it


Customers appreciate precise fit, engineering and design including the subtle nuances that make our seat cover premium. Rated highly by over 4000+ customers from eBay, Google and our website. Flip slider to see UNEDITED PHOTOS from customers and hear what they say.

automotive grade neoprene

An artist needs good canvas

More than just great looking, our car seat covers are made from durable Automotive Grade Neoprene. Sold in Australia for over 15 years, they have been proven to last. Explore.