Q - Are DT seat covers easy to fit?

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Q - What are DT seat covers made from?

A: DT seat covers are made from automotive-grade neoprene rubber sponge that’s durable, battle tested for the Australian climate and UV-treated to resist fading. It has similar hand-feel to neoprene used for wetsuits and divesuits except that it has been formulated for automotive purposes.

It comes laminated with a plush knitted fabric for that extra luxurious feel. For more information, please visit

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Q - How long do DT car seat covers last?

A: The lifespan depends on each individual’s use case. Speaking from experience, DT team members have had neoprene seat covers fitted in their cars for 3-5 years after which, they present a little discolouration and wear. Other than that, there’s no technical reason why DT seat covers can’t last for longer.

Your seat covers mileage may last longer or shorter depending on your usage. Do keep in mind that we also provide a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Q - Do DT neoprene seat covers mark leather seats?

A. There are no known issues of DT seat covers marking leather or cloth seats. We only use automotive-grade neoprene rubber that has been battle-tested in Australia for over 10 years.

Below are photos submitted by a customer who fitted DT seat covers immediately after taking delivery of his vehicle. To prepare for sale, the covers were removed 4 years later. Other than normal creasing on the driver’s seat from getting in and out of the car, the original leather seats look pristine.

All photos are unmodified and original. Please note that your mileage may vary depending on your usage and the quality of upholstery.

Do Not Apply Product on Leather Seats

Seats must be completely clean and dry prior to fitting DT seat covers. We recommend against applying any product such as leather conditioners and protectants prior to fitting DT seat covers as the chemicals can mark or damage the seat covers and/or seats as well as void warranty. If product has been applied, wait at least 7 days (or longer as directed by product’s instructions) for product to completely dry and bond before fitting seat covers.

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Automotive Grade Care & Maintenance
Q - Will heated seats work with DT neoprene seat covers?
Q - Will ventilated seats work with DT neoprene seat covers?

A: Ventilated seats blow cooled air through perforations in the seat to cool the occupant. For ventilated seats to work, the seat covers would also have to be perforated. Unfortunately, that would also make the seat covers not resistant to water. As such, ventilated seats will NOT WORK with DT seat covers.

Q - How waterproof are DT neoprene car seat covers?

A: Although our seat covers are made from automotive-grade neoprene that is 99.9% waterproof, the stitching is not seam-sealed which means moisture may seep through after a prolonged period. For most real world use situations, spilling liquid on the seat cover isn’t an issue as long as the liquid is removed or wiped off within a few minutes (water resistant).

Q - How do I clean DT neoprene car seat covers?

For detailed instructions, refer to

Easy to Clean Care & Maintenance
Q - Stubborn stains - What do I do? (and what I can't do)

A. Clean seat covers with a mild detergent or as a last resort, place them in a washing machine. However, absolutely avoid using alcohol, turps, stain removers and other chemical cleaners.

For detailed instructions, refer to

Easy to Clean Care & Maintenance
Q - Are DT neoprene car seat covers uncomfortably hot in summer?

A. Our seat covers are made from neoprene rubber and laminated with nylon fabric that won’t singe your under-thighs like leather seats can. They regulate temperature very well (it’s made of rubber after all!) and provides insulation against both heat (summer) and cold (winter). That’s a bonus in anyone’s books.

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