We are not Big Corporate. We are a few blokes (and gals) who came out, got together and started Dingo Trails® with a passion to craft the best premium neoprene seat covers. As such, we rely on word-of-mouth and your feedback to grow our Aussie business. With customer satisfaction our priority, receiving positive reviews is the lifeblood of our business.

Although not perfect, we consistently receive 4-5 star ratings. Read actual product reviews below and testimonials. So purchase from us with the assurance that you will receive top service and quality. When you do, we hope that you will honour us with a positive review.

We have over 5000+ positive reviews. For more, explore testimonials by topic - each reveals a different aspect of our car seat covers and service.


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Total Reviews: 2244

I honestly think the seats are more comfortable with DT seat covers. Awesome product and amazing quality.
Jeremy Samios - avatar Jeremy Samios

A great product, could not recommend highly enough.
Jeremy Samios - avatar Jeremy Samios

Fits like a Glove..Easy install..Great product..Highly recommend
Geoff Norman - avatar Geoff Norman

Perfect compliment for the seat covers, Saves the lid from wear
Geoff Norman - avatar Geoff Norman

Perfect fit, 100% kid proof and they look awesome. I have them on both family cars now. Highly recommended for beach/surfing families.
Damien - avatar Damien

These seat covers are fantastic! I was initially wavering over the price, but I can honestly say they are totally worth the cost. They are extremely well-made, fit perfectly, are comfortable to sit on and actually look better than the original fabric under them! Little touches like the separate 'apron' covers to go on the section next to the back seat are also brilliant (because that's right where the dog dribbles!) They are also easy to install because they are custom made to the car. No fiddly or messy straps under the seats and a really robust, heavy bar that anchors them at the seat join. Very well-designed. I can't recommend these highly enough. Thank you Dingo Trails for making such a quality product.
Angus - avatar Angus

Love them such a great fit... a little fiddle to get one but that is to be expected with the quality and fit of them. cant wait to see how child and 4x4 proof they are...
Tina Gardner - avatar Tina Gardner

Great service prompt delivery , and they all fit , thank you
Greg - avatar Greg

Fits perfect
Alfred Burns - avatar Alfred Burns

Very happy with the product and it fits perfect and it was easy to install
Alfred Burns - avatar Alfred Burns

Great fit 😀
David C. - avatar David C.

Dingo seat covers fit my car seats like the were from the factory. The material is high quality and the colour matches my interior perfectly. The covers are easy to wipe down and I would recommend these covers to anyone who is considering seat covers.
Tim - avatar Tim

Fantastic seat covers fit like a glove great customer service and fast postage
Jason David - avatar Jason David

Super easy Tobit and protects the lid from the elements again would recommend to any one who is looking for centre console cover
steven s. - avatar steven s.

Super pleased with the quality as they fit really well super pleased that I went with dingo trails and look great on as well would recommend to any one who is looking for seat covers
steven s. - avatar steven s.

Perfect fit and easy to install
Wynand Bester - avatar Wynand Bester

Great seat covers. They look fantastic and fit perfectly. Super easy to fit too!!!

If you are reading this, then you know how important product reviews are. When you finally make your purchase, we hope that you will honour us with a positive review.

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