What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber manufactured from petroleum whose actual chemical name is Chloroprene (CR). In the industry, neoprene is loosely used to encompass all rubber that contains CR mixed with other chemicals. Depending on its use, it can be made to withstand UV, shock, compression, chlorine (for water use) as well as tailored for specific technical requirements.

What is automotive-grade neoprene?

The neoprene used in all Dingo Trails seat covers was developed by our related company to be soft and supple while being under  Australian sun. This means that the neoprene we use will not degrade and crack as would other inferior neoprenes when subjected to prolonged UV. In addition, the fabric laminated on the rubber is also specially treated for colour-fastness so the colour won’t run when you wash it.

Colour: The dye used on the laminated fabric is a special shade of Charcoal Black that blends well with most grey and black interiors.

Stretch: The neoprene has good stretch to hug every curve around the seat. In addition, it will prevent lathering (fabric and rubber tearing) when a load is placed on the neoprene.