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You are absolutely purchasing premium Australian made neoprene seat covers

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Designed for style. Engineered to last.

When you purchase a Dingo Trails® neoprene seat cover, you will appreciate the subtle design touches that make our car seat covers feel and look great! Our water resistant car seat covers are made from premium automotive-grade neoprene that combines aesthetics with durability. No unsightly straps or loose fabric overhang! CLICK BELOW TO EXPLORE.

Our neoprene car seat covers are water resistant, UV stabilised & battle tested in Australia for 15+ years to withstand the harsh climate.

dt team

Committed to make the best seat covers

We comprise a bunch of guys & gals who are passionate about what we do. As motor trimmer-designers (with families who ❤️ skiing, biking & the outdoors), we started this business to make seat covers that we want to use ourselves. We want our designs to be more – great water resistant car seat covers that we are proud to say are designed and made in Australia. Watch video to find out what drives us.

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Choose car seat sweet covers for your ride

Our neoprene seat covers are made right here in Australia. We take pride in our products and only use premium quality materials and craftsmanship.

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