Tough, Durable, Easy-To-Clean

Who we are

We’re Dingo Trails and we make premium neoprene seat covers right here in Melbourne. From humble beginnings, our DT seat covers have now been sold all over the world, from our Kiwi neighbours to olde England.

Custom crafted for each vehicle

“So stoked with my seat covers from the guys at dingo trails. They fit like a glove. The difference between cheap overseas rip offs and good old fashion Australian made quality. Thanks guys I’ll recommend you.” Robbie M, NSW

We carefully craft each cover to snugly fit your vehicle’s seat like a designer suit so there are no bumps, lumps or saggy bits. Our seat covers are water resistant, UV stabilised (to protect from the Aussie sun), colour-fast and made from automotive-grade neoprene that stretches and moulds around your seat. What this means is that our neoprene has been battle tested under Australian conditions for over 10 years! From the Outback to the Big Smoke, our seat covers have passed the ultimate test – you, our customers. If you’d like to know more, find out why we started Dingo Trails.