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Signature covers designed with an emphasis on styling. These covers take inspiration from the Z71 colour palette and are decorated with crimson-accented stitch lines elevating the interior to designer luxury.


Choose either Prix Edition Covers with crimson stitching or our Classic Covers with silver stitching. Either way, you’ll still get the same premium, custom-fit neoprene seat covers that we are known for.

Car seat covers for Holden Colorado RG

Top quality Holden Colorado RG neoprene car seat covers

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Dingo Trails crafts seat covers from premium automotive-grade neoprene that we’re proud to say are Australian-made. All covers must get past the critical eye of our fussy designers. [Learn more]

Get seat covers for your Holden Colorado online today

Holden Colorado Car Seat Covers

Are you and your family a little accident prone? If coffee spills (and worse) are the norm, or you have pets but want to keep your car hair and slobber-free, it’s time to invest in some quality car seat covers to keep your interior tip top. Dingo Trails has just what you need. We offer a great selection of seat covers online for your Holden Colorado. Made from high-quality, automotive-grade neoprene that's easy to install, you can’t go wrong. Browse the range online today!

Quality neoprene seat covers for your car

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and are committed to providing customers with only the best quality neoprene seat covers for your car. Whether you have a Holden Colorado or another make and model, you’re guaranteed to receive quality, non-slip seat covers that have been tried and tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate - including our strong UV rays and high temperatures.

Some of the other makes and models we supply include:

All of our seat covers are designed to last. Made from durable neoprene, they’re easy to keep clean. Simply remove and dry clean before fitting back into place. There’s no better option for your car than the range at Dingo Trails.

Get seat covers for your Holden Colorado online today

Not all seat covers are created equal. Get the best for your Holden Colorado by buying online from Dingo Trails. Designed and locally manufactured in Melbourne, all our seat covers are quality-tested to ensure they meet our stringent cutting, sewing and manufacturing standards.

For quality car seat covers that you can depend on, look no further than Dingo Trails. Our range of custom fit, premium neoprene car seat covers for Holden vehicles include car seat covers for the

Any questions about our car seat covers? Simply get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 0431-631-224 or by sending us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.