premium australian 4WD / SUV seat covers

PREMIUM Neoprene CAR seat covers for 4WDs and SUVs

Crafted in Australia by Aussies with families who <3 adventure


We’re Dingo Trails and we make premium neoprene seat covers right here in Melbourne. From humble beginnings, our DT seat covers have now been sold all over the world, from our Kiwi neighbours to olde England.

We carefully craft each cover to snugly fit your vehicle’s seat like a designer suit so there are no bumps, lumps or saggy bits. They are super simple to fit – no straps, no ties – and all our covers go out with easy-peasy fitting instructions.

“Just fitted them today, after 40+ years of motoring and countless seat covers, these are the easiest to fit. The actually fit like a finger in a glove and are extremely comfortable. I will be recommending these to all my friends. Also the service and delivery were first rate.” Paul L, QLD

Meticulously Crafted

Avoid expensive cleaning or re-upholstery. Dingo Trails seat covers protects your car seat from dirt, stains, kid’s ice-cream and coffee spills.

Easily vacuum, spot clean or hose off common dirt such as crumbs, pet hairs, beach sand and general fluff. Care Instructions included with every purchase.

Big Lap or weekend getaway? No worries. Dingo Trails car seat covers are tough enough to protect your seats from dust, dirt and grime. If you ferry kids munching chips in the backseat, who kick the front seats, or track mud from Auskick, the covers are easy to spot clean (use wet wipes – they work a treat). For stubborn dirt, our car seat covers can be also easily removed, hosed-off, hung dry.

Care & Maintenance

They’re Super-Comfortable!

Best of all they feel plush and amazingly comfy – which is just what you need for long hours on the road fighting metro traffic or exploring the great outback. Oh yeah, they’re also certified Wife-Approved.

The covers will also bring an instant touch of style and luxury to your vehicle interior for years to come. So you don’t have to sacrifice utility for good looks and a great feel.

Our car seat covers are water resistant, UV stabilised (to protect from the Aussie sun), colour-fast and made from automotive-grade neoprene that stretches and moulds around your seat. What this means is that our neoprene has been battle tested to withstand the harsh Australian conditions for over 15 years. From the Outback to the Big Smoke, our seat covers have passed the ultimate test – you, our customers. If you’d like to know more, find out why we started Dingo Trails.

Automotive Grade

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