Do pets have to be public enemy number one for your car seats? Not if we can help it.

What’s better than going for a nice drive on a sunny day? Going for a nice drive on a sunny day with your pet. In fact, going on any drive with your pet makes the experience even better. However, like all good things in life, it comes at a price.We know you couldn’t bear to leave your pet at home, but your car seats would prefer that you did! Car seats are designed for humans – not pets. While your dog may be your best friend, all that hair, slobber, wee and claws are not your car seats’ best friend.

First, there’s the smell.

Your car seat fabric and cushion foam are perfectly designed to trap pet odour and slowly release that unpleasant smell back into the car’s cabin. (Wet dog, anyone?)

Next, there’s the hair.

“I’ll vacuum it off … eventually.” you promise. Although those dastardly hair-furs have amazing abilities to penetrate cracks and in between folds of your car seats trapping them, making vacuuming a difficult and back-breaking task.

Then, there’s seat damage.

Any claw mark, rip or major stain is going to have a bigger impact on you than you think. That’s because damaged seats not only looks bad in your car, but may render your car un-roadworthy. It’ll also almost certainly knock a few grand off the resale value of your car. That means an expensive and inconvenient re-upholstery job when its time to sell your car.

Finally, there are neoprene car seat covers.

In the past, pet owners have stayed away from car seat covers as these cheap covers don’t fit well and are easily ripped. Moreover, they collect pet hair and absorb smelly odour along the way just like the original seats. Today however, more and more pet owners are installing pet-friendly neoprene car seat covers.They are made from the same material as wetsuits so they’re waterproof, more resistant to tears and rubbery, adding a little extra comfort padding under your derriere ;-). Just like a wetsuit, neoprene car seat covers are comfortable and stretchy. This means that it will hug the shape of your seat, reducing the risk of claw marks and damage. Pet hair will be easier to remove (hair cannot penetrate the underlying neoprene rubber), they’re a breeze to rinse clean, and look new for a lot longer.Like any product on the market, it pays to compare. Dingo Trails manufactures Aussie made neoprene car seat covers. Unlike overseas neoprene covers, they are specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and outdoor lifestyle. These Aussie seat covers are made from automotive-grade neoprene and are UV-treated which provides additional fade protection under the Australian sun.

Pet owners, rejoice!

Dingo Trails neoprene seat covers are super easy to remove and re-fit. They’re designed to be quick-dry so any accidents can be easily rinsed clean. Stains can be spot-cleaned with water and a mild detergent. For extreme dirt and soiling, the seat covers may be machine-washed. With Dingo Trails, your car’s interior will look like new, again and again and again …So rest assured that when you purchase Dingo Trails covers, you’re getting quality neoprene covers that will protect your car seats, look great, and help increase your car’s re-sale value. You’ll also be able to enjoy more drives with your pets without having to worry about seat damage, regular cleaning, or any pet smells!

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