What your car seats tell others but don’t tell you, revealed!

I once met a wise old car enthusiast who said that if the odometer on a car isn’t working, he can tell roughly how far the car has driven by the condition of the driver’s seat. It made me stop and think.Really?Then as I thought about it – he’s probably right. Of course it would require a lot of variation and correction for different drivers. A tradie’s seat at 100,000km would look a lot different than your nannas, or a family with young kids. Likewise the car seats of a family who love the outdoors will look different than those that prefer café to camping.The one time most drivers really worry about the condition of their car seats is when it’s time to upgrade and sell their car. Seats need to look their best to enhance a car’s value. As the upholstery on your car seat can be easily damaged – an accidental tear, pet claw rips or worn patches, it could render your car unroadworthy. The result? An expensive, inconvenient re-upholstery.Like so many cosmetic product adverts on TV, can we effectively reduce the signs of ageing (or in this case kilometres) without sacrificing comfort and looks?

The answer is YES! So why don’t more people cover their seats?

OK. Don’t scream! Those daggy, saggy, beige-y, ill fitting two piece car seats, or those cheap printed covers from department stores or those annoying lamb’s wool fluff balls are a thing of the past. And rightly so.Today, Neoprene is the best solution for Aussie car seats. It’s just like wetsuit material. It’s comfortable, easy to wash and will mould to the shape of your seat. Unlike those old cloth seat covers from years gone by, neoprene covers look like they’re “meant to be there”, as they’re designed to look like part of your car’s original interior.

The best time to put on quality car seat covers is the day you bought your car. The second best time is today!

To make your seats tradie-tough, pet proof and children friendly, Aussie made neoprene car seat covers from Dingo Trails are the solution you may not have considered.Not all neoprenes are created equal. Remember, most seat covers are made overseas, for overseas conditions. Even some Australian made seat covers use cheap overseas neoprene. These are not designed to withstand Australia’s harsh environment, our higher UV levels and rugged outdoor lifestyle. This means cheaper car seat covers can fade, tear and wear out quickly,  detracting from the look of your car.Dingo Trails car seat covers are Australian made from automotive-grade neoprene, which means they are tough, durable, UV stabilised, and have been battle tested in the Australian climate for over 9 years. Compared to cheaper neoprene seat covers, we invest around 5x more time and cost into design – to produce car seat covers with the perfect fit.This is achieved by using neoprene with superior stretch in all directions, as well as employing the latest computer-aided cutting machinery and pattern making software to produce precision seat covers with the best fit. Our neoprene is also laminated with a knitted fabric dyed to a specific shade of “Charcoal Black” that is designed to blend in with most car interiors.Just because a car seat is made of neoprene does not mean that it will fit well. It is common to see ill-fitting car seat covers, even neoprene car seat covers. A lot of overseas and even local manufacturers do not use quality neoprene, which is why Dingo Trails insists on using only automotive grade neoprene for better protection and superior fit.Does your car need a makeover? Dingo Trails’ quality Australian made neoprene car seat covers are cheaper than a reupholster, and besides looking great, they will work hard every day to increase your car’s resale value too, all while making your drive more enjoyable.

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