We are the one & only original genuine Dingo Trails. Don’t be scammed.

As a home-grown Australian business, we have built our reputation on trust and quality. This is endorsed by more than 6000+ positive reviews on various platforms such as our website, eBay, Google and Amazon.

It is therefore very upsetting when customers contact our sales support for fake car seat covers passed off as Dingo Trails. These complaints hurt our reputation through no fault of our own as customers receive inferior seat covers having been duped into thinking they have purchased genuine DT car seat covers. This properly stings as we rely on customer recommendations to grow our business.

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customers mistakenly purchased from imitators

Help protect genuine Australian businesses

There have been numerous cases of competitors passing products off as Dingo Trails going as far back as 2016. Not only is passing-off illegal, fakes deprived us of sales, damage our reputation, steal our intellectual property but more importantly, customers receive inferior seat covers.

Whilst we appeal to Google to block / take down misleading ads and links, it is a constant battle against fakes and wanna-be’s. We need your help to report fraudsters to Google and other search engines.

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How to report to Google

Click the 3 dots


Click > Report Ad


Choose > An ad violates Google Ads policies


Select > It’s misleading or a scam

In the text box below, describe the scam. Then click Submit.

Click the above drop-down to report the scam. It’s super easy and only takes less than a minute. If you drop us an email together with a screenshot, we can separately take the case to Google / other search engines.

Quality doesn’t suddenly appear overnight

We started Dingo Trails to manufacture car seat covers that we are proud to say are made in Australia. That means we spend more time and resources on R+D, developing proprietary automotive grade neoprene, making sure every corner fits and designing seat covers that look schmick. We bend over backwards to ensure customers are looked after. Fakes threaten genuine manufacturers by copying intellectual property and passing off inferior products without putting in the hard yards. That’s stealing!

“fakes deprived us of sales, damage our reputation, steal our intellectual property but more importantly, customers receive inferior seat covers”

Only buy genuine Dingo Trails neoprene car seat covers

On a brighter note, the fact that Dingo Trails seat covers have been copied, imitated and passed off so many times leads us to believe we must be doing something right. This means when you purchase original DT, you are confident that the car seat covers are outstanding quality backed by good ol’ Aussie service.

Only purchase Dingo Trails neoprene seat covers from our website and authorised reseller dropbeardrive.com.au (links above) where guarantees, warranties and after-sales service are supported. Thank you for your continued support for making Dingo Trails the Australian brand 🇦🇺 you can trust.

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